By Joh Domingo 

When I first started Building Buddy in 2007, I had already been a design sales Building Consultant for 22 years.  In that time I been a founding partner in two building companies, and had designed, and been involved in the construction of, more than 800 homes. It sounds like an extraordinary number of homes, but it averages out at around 45 homes a year. They were all custom designed homes. Being a home designer led me to provide tailored solutions to my customers, even if I was working for a project home builder.

From Designing to Custom Home Design and Build

I have experienced the highs and lows of the building business, and have worked on and off-site in many different situations. I gives me a unique perspective and understanding and a strong sense of empathy with builders. I understand the difficulties they face trying to do what can be a very demanding job. 
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Owners are navigating unfamiliar terrain that invites misunderstanding and dispute. We are dedicated to making the process of creating a quality home a pleasant and satisfying experience for everyone involved. Our platform that allows owners and builders to interrogate the detail on any project in a way that clarifies the scope of the work, and the inclusions.

Both customers and builders appreciate having someone around to smooth the way. Finding builders who are able to deliver a building project well, is the fundamental goal of our business.

Home Designer, Architect, Builder, or Marketer?

We are a little of all of them.  I am a Home Designer, as well as Building Design Consultant, and have been a director of two building companies. At present we also have qualified architects and builders on staff. Home design and build planning is the primary activity of our business. It is not our intention to provide fully fledged architectural services. Our services are intended to make custom design and build affordable and accessible. So we will work with architects, designers and builders to ensure that outcome.

Selection – Not Sales.

Major technological changes are bringing about a a huge change in the Custom Home Design & Buildtraditional new home marketing processes. The fixed model display home techniques that revolutionised the building industry in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries have just about passed their use-by date. The gimmicky promotion based marketing has fizzled even faster.

 People now know that they can get the home design they want, exactly. They don’t need to waste time, money, and effort changing a ‘standard’ home design when it is easier, and more affordable to tailor their home, both design and inclusions, to suit.

Custom Home Design & Build – The Exception Becomes The Norm

These types disruptions to established practices, are called ‘discontinuities’ and they create opportunities for customers to get exceptional value. So let me tell how you can collect on that value today66-Derby-Rd-n2736

While it makes sense that large builders can achieve significant volume discounts; it presupposes that their small competitors would be incapable of responding. Technology has enabled for small builders to easily organise themselves into combines, and negotiate discounts based on group volume. Together having the ability to pare overhead down by sharing overhead and services with like-minded small builders, levelled the playing field significantly.

Now, not only can you take advantage of the quality afforded by trade based builders, you can save money at the same time.

Let us show you how you can take advantage of this emerging opportunity, and kick-start your custom home design with our irresistible design and build offer.

Work with a motivated and flexible independent local builder to achieve an outstanding result today.

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