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Quality Customised Solutions for your Building Project

What you get:

  1. Customised Site plan
  2. Individually designed floorplan
  3. Elevations
  4. Build Price Estimate
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In this Choice Article, Ingrid and William spent $28,000 on a custom home design they could not afford to build. They are not alone. Every day people spend $1,000's, in a futile effort to find their dream that ends up being too expensive to build. Even project home builders often use untrained salespeople to prepare sales estimates that are way under-priced. You will pay for their mistakes; in Time, Money and Effort

Many custom home designs never get built because few Architects and home designers spend their time pricing the homes they design. They use very rough ballpark figures that often have no relationship to actual build costs.

We specialize in getting custom home designs built by reputable and competent builders that can deliver. So preparing build cost estimates is a core activity for us.


  • Preliminary Design Plans drawn up, fine tuned to your design brief and budget.
  • A Preliminary Cost Estimate based on historical data, to break down the true costs that would go into building your house.

Our unique custom home design and build platform has allowed us to cost-plan the design process to help you get the home you deserve, and the best value for money. Find out why hundreds of our customers love our service.

Your Plans or Ours. if you have already completed your home design but are having trouble getting a reasonable building cost estimate.

*prelim sketch plan and price - You do not have to use our affiliated builders

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We Help You Get The Custom Home Design You Want Without Breaking the Bank.

How it works...

  • Step 1

    We have a introductory meeting to understand the basic criteria and outline of your requirements, including budget, so we can produce a sketch design that ticks all the boxes.

  • Step 2

    We prepare a preliminary sketch that can be fine-tuned so it is exactly what you are looking for

  • Step 3

    We prepare an estimate of build costs so you can understand the elemental cost implications. This is the base we need to properly cost-plan and manage the  design process properly, and help you select a builder that can deliver.

Why Building Buddy?

It is an unfortunate reality that many Architects and Building Designers are not able to properly control the building costs of the homes they are designing because they believe it is secondary to your, and their aspirations. As a result, they are not able to properly synchronize the design with the budget.

At Building Buddy, our core business is custom home design & build . Getting the home built to budget is our focus. We maintain an up-to-date database of building costs. Our platform is designed to be an integrated process that informs the project from concept to completion.

We work closely with builders to overcome the high incidence of construction costs blowouts because of poor design choices.

Claim our Custom Home Design & Build Package at only $199

Quality Customised Solutions for your Building Project

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Your phone number will be used only to contact you and will be kept completely private.
  • It was always a battle to get projects across the line, Homes just seemed to cost more than the Customer wanted to pay.
  • We wasted countless hours trying to get them to work. Managing the customer expectations was a nightmare
  • Since we started using the Building Buddy Custom Design & Build Platform, business is booming
  • Happy customers is just one of the many benefits
  • My work is a joy without all the stress