Get the Home You Want, Designed to Suit & Handcrafted by a Skilled Trade Based Builder.

  • Home, Inclusions & scope of work designed to budget. Don't waste time and money on plans that are too expensive to build.
  • hands on approach with a skilled trade based builder. Personal service, small overhead & no bureaucracy.
  • Quick & easy project feasibility check. Prelim Plan and build cost estimates
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Home Design and Build on a Budget?

DOWNLOAD our guide now! 6 Things You Must Know to Stay in Control

Custom Home Design, to budget and handcrafted by a skilled trade-based builder

Whether you’re looking to Build a project style house plan or custom home design … you need the right design before you can begin talking with a builder. Checking build costs avoids wasting time & money on homes that costs too much to build.

A lack of accurate pricing information makes sifting through home design galleries online difficult. You need to find a plan that suits you exactly, then try to figure out how much it would cost to build on your land. All the while hoping the builder is skilled and reputable.

We propose that you create the home you want ... exactly, and to budget. We have designed, priced and built hundreds of homes over the past few years. Helping our customers sit down with our small group of specially selected builders and do deals. 

Why would you not design your home they way you want it and to budget? You can then select your builder on the basis of skill, reputation and experience.

Download our how-to guide to find out how you can get the home design you want ... exactly. And save time, effort and money in the process.

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The Best Home, The Best Quality, The Best Builder and The Best Price.

large builders are able to negotiate volume discounts, this is true. They also have huge overheads that more than offset any volume discount gains.

Trade Builders on the other hand, are hands on, and unless they are burdened with large customer servicing costs, have small overheads. We focus on providing these builders with integrated design and specification services that sets up the project and allows them to provide efficient and responsive service to prospective customers, without piling on additional overhead.

By helping them aggregate their supply orders, this helps them combine low overhead with low-costs.

This real time build cost information allow us to properly estimate building costs, and incorporate them into the home design process.

We now have a trifecta

      1. Cost Planned custom home design
      2. Experienced, reputable and competent hands-on builders
      3. Low costs.

Get the Home You Want, Designed to Suit & Handcrafted by a Skilled Trade Based Builder, for the best Price. Find Out How

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  • Home Design & Price Estimates

    • We will work with your plan
    • Our in-house designers can provide a home design to your taste
    • Sketch Plans allow us to cost-plan the project from the start
    • No wasted time, effort & money on plans that break the bank
    • No frustrating back and forth for the builder
  • Construction Plans, Engineering, Selections and Trade Prices

    • You and the builder keep control of costs
    • Eliminate last minute hiccups that blow the budget
    • Trade coverage helps the builders relax and avoid bloating the price with “scare quoting”
    • Pricing uncertainty is the biggest single cause of over, and under quoting
  • Contracts, Documents and Contract Management

    • Detailing the specification eliminates misunderstanding
    • You set the agenda. Both you and the builder are working from clear documents outlining the scope of works
    • The plans, & engineering are synced with the specification,colour selections and any variations. This protects the builder and you
  • Construction, Progress and Completion

    • Project documentation is aligned with your expectations
    • Specifications, Orders, quotes, selections and scheduling are all from the same page.
    • There is less likelihood of disruption to building progress, that ruins the building experience for everyone concerned.

What Our Clients Have to Say

  • We were very fortunate to have met Building Buddy who …went away and within a few days presented us with the most sensational design, even better than we envisaged at a price well within our budget.
    Steve & Bylinda Trivett
      Steve & Bylinda Trivett
  • We began, by spending week-ends touring around display homes. It was obvious that these sales people had little training or qualification…. Building Buddy quickly provided us with conceptional drawings, … and came up with what we wanted exactly.
    Clive Hind
      Clive Hind
  • We wanted to undertake a Dual Occupancy DA on a difficult site. Six builders turned us down. … until Building Buddy … and we eventually had our DA … we are extremely pleased with the outcome and have no hesitation in recommending Building Buddy.
    Mark Reardon
      Mark Reardon
  • It was the personal attention we got from Building Buddy that made us choose to go with them … We always found the service very professional, informative, attentive and friendly. We have no hesitation in recommending Building Buddy to anyone.
    Adrian Webber
      Adrian Webber
  • I would not hesitate to recommend Building Buddy for any building project, whether you really need all their skill or not. You can never know when specialist knowledge of an issue at hand will come in handy, as it did on ours.
    Carmel Davy
      Carmel Davy
  • Many company’s that we had researched wanted some sort of deposit up front, but with Building Buddy, I think we had mutual trust in each other that we were serious about our concepts, and with them behind the sketches and countless drawings, they made our dreams come true.
    Mohammed & Salmeen Haq
      Mohammed & Salmeen Haq
  • Having a look on the internet for plans ...but we didn’t have much luck, we then came across building buddy ...I don’t know how but they just managed to nail everything we wanted in a design... It seemed like a very quick process, one minute we had a design, next minute we had the quote and the next minute we had builders.
    Jim & Donna Smith
      Jim & Donna Smith
  • We had some Plans Drawn by another group, had difficulty getting anyone to quote on it and when we did the price seemed unrealistic to us... It really was that Building Buddy wanted to know how much to spend and design to that, rather than get plans drawn up and take it to the market and find out that is not near what you wanted it to cost.
    Bernie and Marylin Smith
      Bernie and Marylin Smith
  • Going to a project home they only offer a certain amount of styles, I did like some of them but then I did have to change a number of things I didn’t like about them.After we got a price from building buddy I also then got a price from the project home builders of a house which was closest to our design. but with the changes we want it would cost at least 60k more… so we thought it would be better to go with Building Buddy.
    Chris & Peter Bell
      Chris & Peter Bell

Completed Projects

Our collection of completed projects is our pride and proof that our service delivers. Each project started off with a free Preliminary Design and Build costs estimates that gave our clients the confidence and space to go ahead with their home build.

More Completed Projects









House Plans

Our House Plans are based off real designs created for real clients, these collections will help give ideas about what you want for a home design. Remember these designs can be modified to suits your needs.

Small Lot House Plan

Two Storey House Plans

Acreage Lot House Plans

Lowset House Plans

Sloping Lot House Plans

Highset House Plans

Duplex House Plans

Recent Designs

Some of our Latest Designs created by Building Buddy.

Firetail, Duplex House Plan


Ringneck, Lowset House Plan


Heron, Two Storey House Plan


Wellington, Lowset House Plan


Sherwood, Lowset House Plan


Silvereye, Sloping Lot House Plan


Finch, Two Storey House Plan


Enoggera, Two Storey House Plan


Affiliated Builders

Building Buddy only works with the most competent builders to make sure we achieve the best outcome. By work closely with builders we can costplan the project in a way that makes it esay for you and the builder to do a deal. Problems and difficulties are overcome early; helping to deliver the best outcome possible.


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