MANY OF today’s new home customers are encouraged to accept bedroom designs that fit “standard” cookie cutter templates. If they want something different, they have to pay more. Brisbane firm Building Buddy has decided to adopt a radically different approach.

Building Buddy Director Joh Domingo has felt for a long time that new home customers deserve better than stock-standard bedroom designs which  really only result in new home customers living in their new home with less than they hoped for.

These standard ‘cookie cutter’ solutions for bedroom design might sound good at first, because new home buyers are often told “that’s all that is available” or even “to change the plan like you want will cost much more”.

But cookie cutter bedroom designs bring no real benefit to homeowners.

“Some constructions companies in South-East Queensland influence their customers to forego the bedroom styles they want, by charging premium rates for customised bedroom designs,”says Joh.

“Our belief is that these policies put the personal preferences of new home customers last.

“We take pride in offering our clients a customised building experience, without compromising on the quality of our work, and without triggering additional expenses that would call for budget increases.”

“Our ultimate goal is to help homeowners integrate those architecturally designed bedroom elements we’ve tapped into, from the greatest architects all over the world into their own new home, rather than persuading them to settle for a ready-made design.”

He also detailed the practice of manipulating new home clients into settling for stock standard bedroom designs which are already part of an existing template collection.

“Even premium bedroom designs are often nothing but a standard template. This is why 80% of today’s new homes feature identical bedroom styles.” says Joh.

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Another example of the fine quality 3D renders used by Building Buddy to show their new home customers what their bedroom designs will look like.

“Thanks to our new Stanley Street East offices studio, all our customers are now able to unleash their creativity and their imagination, and, in their new home, sleep each night in the bedroom of their dreams. We can recreate anything you can possibly imagine.”

Joh also explains how Building Buddy’s new home customers can even view their customised bedroom before it’s been built.

“Thanks to our advanced creative tools such as the 360º 3D Visualisation Studio, our customers can make use of Virtual 3D to get the real feeling of what their bedroom will look like.

This state-of-the-art technology is an adaptation of latest Virtual Reality 3D Gaming platforms, adjusted to enable our customers experience their new bedroom as if they were actually there in real life.”

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