Custom Home Design

Working Within Your Budget

When you talk to builders or design professionals, they will usually ask you what your ‘budget’ is. They don’t do this to make sure they take every dime you have; it is to filter the noise so they can better help you.

Cost-Planning – Price to Build as You Design Your Home

It may seem counter intuitive that designers should estimate build costs, but it is not new but how it has always been done in the past. What has changed was that modern marketing techniques has sidelined the practice because it was a difficult and time-consuming process. Architects and designers had always worked closely with builders and had a hand in the management of a project; at least in the home design and preliminary building stage. They therefore had a good understanding of build costs.

Project Homes – Customers are Beginning to Move On.

The principle behind the advent project home marketing was that this effort was no longer necessary. Homes had a ‘standard’ setup and did not need to be individually cost-planned. This is no longer true of project homes, and the concept is under pressure because of customer demand for solution-based home design.

Custom Home Design

Custom home design and build is trending, and so is the demand for proper design cost-planning. Digital technological tools make it easy to quickly prepare sketch plans and input material quantities into estimating packages. It is back to the future, so to speak. We can cheaply and easily do today, what was difficult and expensive in the past. What has previously been the solution, project home marketing, has now become the moribund obstacle to finding your dream home.

Get the Best From Your Land

We can show you how to take advantage of these changing circumstances. Project home marketing has diluted the ability of most designers to accurately anticipate build-costs. But this is changing. At Building Buddy, we have been directly involved in the pricing and cost-planning of homes over the past five years and have assembled an extensive database of current material and labour costs and can prepare estimates of anticipated build costs from sketch plans.

Choose the Right Builder for the Job.

We provide low-cost design/build services so you can properly cost plan your project. This helps you to fine-tune your design and planning, set realistic budgets, and determine the feasibility of your project. Not many designers provide this service. We do. Now we can help them do it for you too.

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