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Sloping Lot House Plans - A SCombination of Style & Technique

With almost 30 years designing homes, we have found, that the most cost-effective way to plan a home design on a slope, was to approach the task the project with all cost in mind. With an eye on the final result, the floor layout, design style, and building techniques complement one another.

Each element contributes to an overall design solution, and each plays a role in reducing costs, as well a enhancing the appeal of the final result.

As a composition, a sloping lot home design celebrates the finer attributes of your property, enhancing its value as a whole.

What was considered to be a negative situation, becomes a positive feature of your home.

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Think of how much more effectively you can manage the design of your home if you knew what the various options would cost? Imagine all the options and opportunities this opens up? An extra room, more deck space   … those features and inclusions you always wanted, but never believed were possible, are now easy to match with your budget.

You never have to worry about unforeseen ‘extras’, because the project is being fully priced from the start. Your home is designed exactly to fit budget, and tailored to give you more for your money.

Our task is to put the special touches you want into your home and to help bring all your ideas together … to use our experience to guide you through the home design/construction process.


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A Sloping Lot House Plan Design Process That Really Works.

We have never thought of our Sloping Lot House Plans as a 'standard' set of plans, so didn't have a specific collection available for download. But many of our custom home designs involve steep or sloping sites.

This design collection is therefore meant to prod and trigger feedback. To encourage a spirit of creative adventure and to spark ideas.

We hope that will be a fruitful and rewarding experience for those embarking on the adventure of creating their very own, personalised home.

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We want to be right there, on that journey with you, always providing the assistance and tools to help bring your imagination to reality. By downloading this collection, you automatically become entitled to access the complete collection, including the many free tools available to help you visualise and customise your dream home.

In this collection you will find:

  • Sloping Lot Home Plans for lots that fall steeply away from the road,
  • Home Designs on Irregular shaped blocks that are also steep.
  • Split level House Plans on Small and narrow blocks as well a big acreage blocks of land.
  • Homes Designs that Cling to the Side of a Hill.
  • Traditional Highset Homes built on Posts and bearers.
  • and Much … Much … More … …

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