This is a good time to point out that because our product is custom made (regardless of whether it is a project type product or not). It does not exist on a shelf, or in a warehouse somewhere, its very creation is a process or production.

An important distinction we should make when marketing new homes is that the outcome is flexible, within certain constraints. To be able to properly provide the information customers are looking for, it becomes important to relate the information directly to their requirements. Our offer and how it is put together; how it is priced … is a process directly related to a personalised desired outcome.

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7 Questions A Builder Must Answer To Win Customers


Every question a prospective customer asks is in some way asking what is so special about you. The underlying inquiry is why they should treat you any differently to all the other grey silhouetted builders out there. In the context of your uniqueness, what does this question mean? How do we read these metaphoric tea leaves, and interpret them?

We need to understand very clearly that this question, and all the others, are not ‘buying signals. It is not a simple matter of explaining the features and benefits of our product, overcome their objections, and like automations, our customers will ‘sign on the dotted line’. Building a home is like a journey, and you are their guide. Your job is to make that journey as easy, and as enjoyable as you possibly can.
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Like a tour guide, you need to explain:

  1. Where you are going
    • How you put your home project together.
    • What the elements of the process are
    • Help them understand where in the process they are at that point.
  2. How you will help them refine their home to achieve the best possible outcome
  3. What the next step will be.


Educating the Customer about Building Costs

You are in basically outlining the process that makes it easy for them to get what they are looking for. That you have helped others do it and that it is a well-beaten pathway to achieving their custom home design and build goals.

Right now, they want to know what is included with your homes. The only possible answer should only be that everything they were hoping for was included, and if it were feasible that is what will be included in the project. But that the next step was to examine the inclusions closely and make a value judgement as to their cost impact.

It is important that you can provide the relevant information and break it down in a way that the cost impact of individual items can be examined.  The Building Buddy Custom Home Design & Build Platform was created to provide a cost-planning service; and this kind of information is integral to its functionality.


Managing your Customers Expectations

Allowing your customer to examine the impact of individual items on the overall cost is a unique way to empower them to understand cost and make value judgement concerning the specification and scope of works of the project.

It is a simple and straightforward method that makes the entire exercise was an exciting process, that will stimulate all their creative impulses. By guiding them with your experience and expertise, they are more likely to achieve their goals and manage a successful building outcome.


What Makes you Unique

It is probably true that:

  • You do have the knowledge and experience
  • You have helped others along this same path

But do you have the processes, with all the necessary resources, in place? Have you been winging it? Is it a random, opportunistic, and vague process delivering hit & miss results?

The new home construction market is crowded with builders, all advertising, some with display homes and there abounds all kind of rumours, misinformation, and perceptions. All of these can influence the customers perceptions. If the customer has been filtered through this minefield, the inclusions question is really a qualifying question from the customer.

Yes, that’s right; prospective customers qualify you. It is not the other way around.

Hunting for a home is certainly an exciting process; but it can quickly become a frustrating one if Home Buyers are not discriminating about who they talk to, and who they interact with.

These questions are probes and filters to find out if you have the ability, the knowledge, and most importantly, the processes that are likely to help them achieve what they want.

Do you, as a small builder or building contractor, have such a process in place, and if you do, are you able to process prospective enquiry in the numbers necessary to grow your company?

Are you able to identify a predefined system and draw on resources that deliver that service? Or, is your entire process based on ‘winning’ the right to quote with an implied promise that your price would be lower than a snake’s belly?

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The next question to answer is;

Can I see some of your previous work?