STEVE;s INVESTMENT PROPERTY posed some of the most challenging design-and-build issues Building Buddy has had in awhile.

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The project had a number of unique difficulties: there was an existing carport at street level and a tennis court 3 metres below the carport, on this odd-shaped block on land that was created by subdividing an existing property at Chapel Hill.

As an investment project, Steve wanted to retain the existing single carport and convert it into a double carport to save costs.

Building Buddy designer planner Amin Eris explained; 

Amin Eris, designer draughtsman at Building Buddy

“It was a challenging design-and-build project as we faced mix of unique obstacles,” he said.

“There was an existing carport at street level and the existing tennis court which was the proposed building pad for the new house.”

“The idea was to keep the existing carport and build over the existing tennis court which was more than three metres lower than the carport which was at street level.”

To connect the existing structure to the new one and also resolve the issue of the three-metre difference in level, a bridge between the two structures was created.

The main entry of the home was via this bridge onto the bedroom level to facilitate enable easy  access.

The main living area was at ground level with an alfresco area facing the back yard.

We evaluated several options and whittled that down to the two most likely:

  • Digging and removing the unsuitable existing soil over the tennis court and use a concrete slab.
  • Build all the house on posts with enough clearance below the structure for proper maintenance.

“Considering the difficult access for earth works, we found building the house on posts more cost effective,” Amin said.   

That was not the only challenge; “Budget was also a key factor. It was an investment project so, we tried hard to optimise the design and building processes to meet the budget.”

Using Building Buddy’s unique cost-planning process, we were able to eliminate costly planning mistakes and keep the home well-within budget.

The resulting custom home design result was even better than Steve was expecting.

Being able to get a five-bedroom house with all these obstacles in budget is something that makes Building Buddy a stand-out new home custom design and build company.
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