MANY NEW home customers are forced to choose their house plan from a set of stock-standard home design templates when choosing a plan for their new home.

But Brisbane firm Building Buddy has the “new black” in house plan design. They allow their customers to enjoy personal input into their own unique new home design without the extra costs usually associated with a custom built home.

Joh Domingo, director at Building Buddy

Joh Domingo, Building Buddy director, believes their customers should not be forced to choose from stock designs for their new homes. He says this is why Building Buddy was developed.

The Project Home Way .. or the Highway

“South-East Queensland new home customers are often denied the ability to make changes to standard template designs,” says Joh.

“And if changes are made, the customer is charged a premium for what is then called a ‘custom designed home’.

“it has been understandable that builders have done this because custom home design has long been regarded as a riskier product for new home builders.Too many hard-to-track variables made the control of a custom home design project difficult. 

“Now Building Buddy has developed a number of tools and techniques to control the control the process.”

Learning From Experience

Because of the number of Custom Home Design projects Building Buddy have been involved with, they have implemented an array of pricing and design tools to help customers get the home they want. From quickquote estimates, design cost-planning, formal trade package procurement, and 3D visualisations; Building Buddy is able to save the customer money and still deliver a quality custom built home without the premium price markups associated with an architecturally designed home.

Joh explains Building Buddy employs some of the best home designers from Australia and around the world to provide their new home customers with elements inspired by the best architectural elements available.

Pin that Houzzing Interest

“It is amazing how customers have embraced the new technology and help themselves to the rich tapestry of readily available architectural inspiration. It excites us to encourage this trend; and have developed our tools precisely to help them exploit the ideas that exhilarate them.

“To help them achieve these results, our first goal is to eliminate the risk associated with commissioning expensive design services for home that will never be built. We start with a free custom home design; preliminary plans that allow us to measure and supply a predictive price. These initial free sketches and cost estimates provide the roadmap to a successful home design and build outcome.

“They know what they can get, what is will cost, and what it includes;” says Joh.

No More ‘Standard’ Plans

By helping them like this, Building Buddy encourages customers to reject standard template designs. Instead, they can choose the design elements that they want in their new home.

“It is a sad fact that so many homes in Australia are very samey. an intelligent alien life form would probably think almost identical.”

The Place to Go

The new Building Buddy Stanley Street East office studio will allow customers the opportunity to use their creativity and  take part in the design of their dream home..

The goal is to make sure that when your home building project is complete, not only will you have a premium custom built home, but entire home design will function the way you imagined it would.

“We use cutting edge technology and tools in our Creative Centre, complete with a 360 degree 3D Visualizations that allow you to see what your home will look like… before building even starts!

An example of how realistic Building Buddy’s 3D technology is. This convincing render by 3D specialist Shiraz, shows delighted new home customers how their home will look at dusk.

“Our 3D Technology was developed on the latest virtual reality on 3-D gaming platforms. It is adjusted to allow you to experience your home as if you were standing in it.

“If, in your view,itr needs any modification, they can easily be made.” he says.

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