Acreage Lot House Plans

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It used to be that custom home design was a very expensive option because of the upfront fees and cost involved. Engineering, working drawings, construction plans, all had to be completed before you had any idea what the home would cost to build.

Now technology has made it easy to produce a very simple prelim sketch with all the basic design elements.

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Kaiser, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  21.65M   Area   291.57M²

Criterion, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  13.535M   Area   251.20M²

Retreat Highset, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  33.98M   Area   741.30M²

Hibiscus, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  25.68M   Area   355.40M²

Jarrah, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  16.47M   Area   276.45M²

Sandalwood, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  20.13M   Area   323.30M²

Retreat Lowset, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  35.91M   Area   443.30M²

Royal Blue Bell, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  24.08M   Area   283.75M²

Peerless 400, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  26.32M   Area   391.10M²

Willow, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  23.49M   Area   382.00M²

Dampier Pea, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  18.30M   Area   524.65M²

Blackwood Acacia, Acreage Lot House Plans

Width  20.20M   Area   309.40M²

Acreage House Plans to Suit Every Style and Situation

For most people, country style living represents a great change of pace. Your acreage home design therefore should strive to be fresh and new, at least as it relates to you. It must be better than the old days because you’ll be experiencing your home in a whole new way.

We offer you a unique approach to fining your perfect house plan. Browse through acreage house plan gallery. If you register you will have unrestricted access to all our floor plans. You are free to use them, as they are or modified provided you adhere to our terms-conditions terms & conditions

 Custom Designed Acreage House Plans

Our focus at Building Buddy is to bring a speedy and simplified approach to achieving your dream home. We do this by providing cost effective, visually detailed home design options, and integrating it seamlessly into accurate building price estimates prepared by experienced builders.

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  • Acreage House Plans for family living with zoned informal living rooms for Parents and Kids.
  • Split level level Acreage House Plans
  • Two Storey Acreage House Plans
  • Traditional Country Home Styled Acreage House Plans
  • And Modern , designer style Larger Homes
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