Read on for tips and tricks for how to make the most of a space with super-high ceilings.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of space a double-height room brings. Whether it be an entrance hall or living area, it adds a sense of grandeur and captures amazing light. If you’re lucky enough to have a space this size, here are a few decorating ideas.

Maximise the wall space

Take advantage of the vast expanse of wall a double-height room offers by displaying rows of similar artworks. This will use the area effectively and look more dramatic than a single piece.

Make sure your frames match, and either go for a grid layout, as here, or create a picture gallery with different-sized but similar-style pieces.

Double height your door

To really play with scale, consider having a bespoke door built to the same height as the room.

Be aware, though, that you will need some custom-made, electrically operated blinds if you want some privacy.

Create a mirror image

Height is great, but it can make the room feel narrower. Create an illusion of width too by installing a large mirror. The bigger your mirror, the larger the space will feel.

A reflective surface will also enhance the light in the room, so this is two design tricks for the price of one.

Lower your lighting

If you have a focal point in the room, such as a dining table, lower your pendant light so it fills the area and brings your eye down.

A translucent shade is a good choice, as it won’t overpower the space; a delicate sphere can look as if it’s gently floating in midair.

Alternatively, opt for coloured glass, as it will make beautiful patterns on the wall when the light shines through it and create a great ambience at night.

To really fill the space, find an extra-long pendant light – it will act as a work of art as well as a light source. Be sure to check with your builder that the ceiling can take the weight first, though, as some lights of this size are likely to be heavy.

Experiment with texture

Walls don’t have to be painted – there are numerous different materials that can be used on them instead, like the wooden slats here, which add warmth and interest to an otherwise large, plain expanse.

You could also look into 3D fibreglass panels or a plaster texture – the choices are endless.

Reach for the sky

If you’re keen to install a lot of storage on the walls of your double-height room, a window might get in the way. So if you’re still at the planning stage, opt for a large skylight instead, which will flood the space with natural light – and provide a lovely view of stars in the evening – while leaving the walls free for plenty of shelves or cupboards.

However, before you fit a skylight, think about how you’re going to access it for cleaning.

Be flexible

To avoid being limited by the use of lighting in your space, you could install pendants on retractable cords. This will enable them to be used for different situations. They could be lowered over the table for intimate dinners, say, or lifted up high to clear the space for a party.

Install them with dimmer switches so you can play around with the ambience to suit any mood.

Change the colour

To prevent a room from feeling overwhelmingly tall, change the colour or material of the walls halfway up. By opting for a darker shade at the top, the space gains a more intimate vibe.

Or go the opposite way and make the lower half darker to create a cosy living space with a bright, light area above.

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