Once considered cheap and charmless, aluminium window and door frames are now a stylish way to let in light and air.

Virtually all commercial buildings, apartment blocks and 75 per cent of Australian houses now have aluminium-framed windows.

Besides their durability, low maintenance, cost effectiveness and resistance to the harsh Australian climate, they are also an ideal way to open up your home to natural light with expansive windows and sliding doors, thanks to the lightness and strength of aluminium.

So while we appreciate timber frames for their warmth and more traditional appearance, here we examine aluminium windows with a new frame of mind.

Expansive windows

Aluminium frames have strength and lightness, making them ideal for the large expanses of glass that characterise modern and contemporary homes. The large glass panels and minimalist frames allow for maximum entry of light and unobstructed views.

Flexibility of design

Aluminium windows add extra flexibility to design, whether it’s the size of the windows or doors, or, in this case, the shape. Aluminium frames follow the angled lines of the double gable roof, as well as stratifying the upper section of the windows.

Extra strength

Aluminium is structurally strong and capable of withstanding extremes of weather, especially in high-wind areas. Plus, this durability doesn’t make them look heavy, as aluminium frames also offer clean lines and minimal visual obstruction.

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