A Home on the Brisbane River on a Budget?

Alex & Mimi home was in a lovely location at a bend on the banks of the Brisbane river at Yeronga. They had lived there ‘temporarily’ for almost 11 years.

They wanted to demolish and build their dream home so were unwilling to undertake any meaningful improvements to the property. Life there was a bit of a drag.

it was proving hard to come up with a concept that worked, and they were yet to properly articulate any useful design criteria because Alex was insistent on working to a set budget. All the advice they had received indicated that the budget was inadequate. 

Stuck With Poorly Researched Design Assessments.

 They were stuck, and the only practical information they had accumulated was Mimi’s scrapbook of design ideas – primarily interior design ideas. The layout and flow were a still a mystery because they were uncertain about the cost to build of the kind of home they had in mind.

Alex was very fixed about his budget. It wasn’t vague; he knew precisely what he wanted to spend, and a broad notion of the scope of what he had in mind. There were a few items on his wish-list; wine cellar, theatre with bar and pool. He would like 4 car accommodation. Other than that, he was pretty flexible..

They one simple request; “can you get us a home on the river for our budget?” 

Rule of Thumb Build Cost Estimates Mislead.

They had approached others with the same proposition. Everyone believed the budget restrictions made the project a dubious proposition. It looked like they would need to punt on spending a considerable amount of money on a design, without being certain they would be able to build for what they wanted to spend. This had left them with the sinking feeling that what they wanted came at a hefty premium. They were close to shelving their project..

Low Cost Design Feasibility (LCDF) Saves the Day.

I schedule a face-to-face meeting with them to better understand the project and their desired outcomes. Given their understandable concerns regarding the feasibility of the project, I  proposed a low-cost design feasibility study (LCDF). The LCDF was Insurance against wasting money on a design that would not work., It would provide hard data that allowed them to plan a path forward.

Looking at Mimi’s scrapbook, I realised that it had an obvious and distinctive taste. The years had embedded a firm concept in her subconscious even if its form was as yet undefined., I was certain she would know exactly what she wanted the instant she saw it.

The outcome of the LCDF indicated that the project was very feasible, despite us finding that there was a likelihood of significant foundation cost associated with building close to the river bank.

Do this First? – You Choose.

When you are on a journey and you know the outcome you seek, you just need a guide to help you make your destiny a reality. Alex & Mimi were at their wits end, and our LCDF was their last resort.

It should have been the first thing they did.

If you haven’t already, schedule a face-to-face chat with me to determine if a low-cost design feasibility (LCDF) would likely set up your home design & build project for success, just like it did for Alex & Mimi.

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