How does this all work?

We provide a risk-free customized home design solutions that is a low-cost alternative to an architecturally designed home.

Our work is professionally done and produces better home design & Build outcomes than the project home salespeople you are otherwise likely to encounter.

We can modify any our plans to suit, or we will draw one from scratch ... FREE.

Get what you want ... EXACTLY!!

What if I don't go ahead?

If you don;t go ahead, then you won't be using our design and there will be no charge. We carry the risk.

What about your 'standard plans'

You can select one of our existing designs. We will modify to suit. It often is better if we draw a home specifically for your site. We will do so if that is the case ... at no charge to you.

Using design ideas from an existing plan, in whole or part, can often be an easy way to find what you like.

We will gladly modify one of our standard plans if that works and is easier

Please read our terms & conditions, for further guidance.

Your Plan or Ours

Yes, we will happily give form to your plan ideas and provide building costs details

Will you provide costs for the homes you design for us?

Our service is integrated with build-cost estimates. It is important to know, what your home will cost to build

How much will this cost?

There is no charge for our preliminary concept design work.

Along with build-cost estimates, these concept design allow you the flexibility to better plan for a favourable home design and build outcome.

You are then able to make an informed decision to move foward or not.

Can I use these plans as part of the DA process?


Charges apply if you want to lodge these plans as part of a Development Approval (DA Plans). The concept design service is still free.