Small Lot House Plans

Find a perfectly designed home, exclusively yours, and irresistibly priced.

  • Find a Design or create a custom design from scratch

  • Get a Preliminary Price Estimate and figure out its feasibility

  • Modify the plan to suit desires & budgets

It used to be that custom home design was a very expensive option because of the upfront fees and cost involved. Engineering, working drawings, construction plans, all had to be completed before you had any idea what the home would cost to build.

Now technology has made it easy to produce a very simple prelim sketch with all the basic design elements.

Contact us now to find out how to take control of your Home Building Project.

Ringneck, Small Lot House Plan

Width   10.92M  Area   226.95M²

Width   9.7M   Area   319M²

Width  11.25M   Area   328.35M²

Sinkbrae, Small Lot, House Plan, House Design, Home Plan, Home Design

Width   9.88M   Area   362.75M²

Width   8.30M   Area   329.25M²

Width   13.69M   Area   281.55M²

Width  16.97M   Area   261.34M²

Sunset, Small Lot House Plan

Width   10.75M   Area   285M²

Width   8.30M   Area   258.20M²

Width  8.05M   Area  203.7M²

Width   8.3M   Area   322.25M²

Width   8.80M   Area   339.15M²

Width  8.85M   Area   176.60M²

Width   8.32M   Area   233M²

Width   8.21M   Area   269.40M²

Width   8.03M   Area   324.10M²

Width   11.93M   Area   315.8M²

Width  8.31M   Area   298.30M²

Width  8.28M   Area   304.50M²

Shearwater, Small Lot House Plan

Width   14.02   Area   229.20M²

Width   9.98M   Area   379.35M²

Pozieres, Small Lot, House Plan, House Design, Home Plan, Home Design

Width   8.55M   Area   311.78M²

Width   8.30M   Area  295.35M²

Width  8.30M   Area   287.80M²

Width  8.30M   Area   338.05M²

Brisbane Small Lot Means Location

Living on a small lot in Brisbane is a liberating experience. If ‘Location, Location, Location’ is the catch cry of the Real Estate Professional,  then ‘Convenience, Service and Savings.’ is the comfort for the small Lot homeowner. Our small Lot House Plans capture this spirit of change and innovation, and opens up a whole new world.

Small Lot Homes - The Lifestyle Choice

Nothing breaks the chains of long hours traveling, and toiling, for a faraway house, than a comfortable home in a convenient location. People now want to be close to the action.  Small Lot Homes were born of this necessity to make our lives less complicated, and to afford us more leisure time. That is what makes a good design, in a great location, such a winning combination. Our extensive collection of Small Lot House Plans is a testament to the popularity of the lifestyle that flows from this choice.