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Firetail Units

Width  12.3m   Area  685.39M²

Width  35.91M   Area  443.50M²

Width  15.94M   Area   144.55M²

Width  20.29M   Area   369.73M²

Width  10.07M   Area   562.05M²

Width  33.98M   Area   741.30M²

Width  14.09M   Area   393.47M²

Width  11.43M   Area   119.50M²

Width  8.8M   Area   339.15M²

Width  23.59M   Area   307.83

Width  17.12M   Area   336.46M²

Width  22.15M   Area   382.45M²

Width  18.3M   Area   524.65M²

Width  8.21M   Area   269.40M²

Width  8.8M   Area   335.95M²

Dual Occupancy Homes are Becoming The Smart Choice

The essence of what we do here at Building Buddy is cheap and intelligent Custom Home Design. In no other area is a flexible design approach more necessary than finding the right Duplex House Plan, Dual Occupancy Home Design Solutions, or an attached or detached Granny Flat enhancement to a standard three or four bedroomed home.

With Dual Occupancy, Duplexes and Granny Flats, The Focus Changes

We believe that all Home Design should be an results orientated process, but with Dual Occupancy or Granny Flat design, there is an additional overlay that often has to be considered:

You are creating two living spaces for separate sub-familial groups or individuals. balance between the requirements for both is the primary goal of the exercise.