The Building Secret: Part 1

How to get the Best Home Design, Best Quality & Best Price from the Best Builder

— By Joh Domingo, Building Buddy

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: "Having been involved in the building of hundreds of new homes, the art of choosing the right home builder has become second nature to me.

The Building Buddy system removes the guesswork and uncertainty can make the process a minefield of vague and fuzzy concepts for new home buyers.

That’s why I put together The Building Secret, a four-part free guide to getting:

      • the best home design,
      • best quality for the
      • best price from the
      • best new house builder.

First Things First

The first place you need to start with should ALWAYS be your land.

It’s all very well to look at some standard designs of House Builders, a Price List, and a list of standard Inclusions in an attempt to obtain a feel for costs; but you will not get anything truly worthwhile until you decide where it is you are going to build.

Once you have selected a location and specific lot, you will get a feel for the basic attributes of the block: the orientation in relation to the prevailing breezes, the topography, and the general outlook. These elements will dictate the preferred layout of the home on the block – there are no exceptions.

The style, size and scope of the home may vary, but a good home complements the features of the land, and works with its attributes.

House designs are only simple and logical arrangements of rooms and living spaces on the available land.

Myth: Standard plans mean lower costs

An important myth we need to bust right now is that standard plans mean better design and lower costs.

It’s simply not true.

Standard plans were introduced as a tool to make things easier for homebuyers in an era when creating customised new home designs was a complex, time-consuming and expensive task.

This is no longer the case.

These days standard plans are now used as a tool to restrict the options of new home buyers. It is often implied that standard design means that costs are minimised.

But this is wrong as well.

Standard designs are also used to make it easier to quote on designs that deviate from a standard house plan.

The unfortunate result is that many people are living in unsatisfactory house designs because that was the best they could get.

You deserve better.

Would you use a House Builder that employed incompetent carpenters? Why then would you want to use standard house plans?

What would you say if I told you there was an easy, ready available way to get your own customised free house designs… for free.

Next installment of The Building Secret is Part 2: Best Home Designs. Enjoy!