Small Lot House Plan Gallery

Isn’t it your goal to find a perfectly designed home, exclusively yours, and irresistibly priced, with a builder selected on the basis of reputation, customer referral and competence?

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Small Lot House Plans That Really Work

This Page is a tiny collection of the large library of plans we have on file.

We Present them here to help you gather ideas.

We understand that Small Lot Homes come in a variety of home design styles. They range from the traditional period character style that complies with the Brisbane character code to

the ultra modern facades that are so popular right now. Every genre has its special appeal, and we love creating homes in in all of them.

We do Recommend You Use Pinterest to collect your ideas.

We encourage you to save images to a pinterest account.(You can setup a free pinterest account here.) Once you have an account, you just have to click the button to save that image to your pinterest folder.)

That way the ideas you like are collected in a location that can be easily sorted and shared. They will be invaluable later because it allows your designer to assimilate your taste into a personal style that reflects your preferences.You will be rewarded later with a superior all-round home design & building experience.

Why Build a New home and Not Make it Your Exclusive Creation?

In this collection you will find:

  • Small Lot House Plans that comply with the Brisbane City Council 2014 Town Plan
  • Home Designs with the main Living Upstairs – and with Decks to either the front or rear.
  • Split level Small Lot house Plan.
  • Both Single and Double Storey Small Lot House Plans.
  • Wider Small Lot House plans for the lots wider than the traditional 10M.
  • Small Lot Homes for Subdivided Corner with Rectangle or Square shapes.
  • and Much … Much … More … …

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Brisbane Small Lot Means Location

Living on a small lot in Brisbane is a liberating experience. If ‘Location, Location, Location’ is the catch cry of the Real Estate Professional,  then ‘Convenience, Service and Savings.’ is the comfort for the small Lot homeowner. Our small Lot House Plans capture this spirit of change and innovation, and opens up a whole new world.

Small Lot Homes - The Lifestyle Choice

Nothing breaks the chains of long hours traveling, and toiling, for a faraway house, than a comfortable home in a convenient location. People now want to be close to the action.  Small Lot Homes were born of this necessity to make our lives less complicated, and to afford us more leisure time. That is what makes a good design, in a great location, such a winning combination. Our extensive collection of Small Lot House Plans is a testament to the popularity of the lifestyle that flows from this choice.