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Why give away free house plans? We are often asked why we give away free house plans, since everywhere else new home buyers seem to try, they usually find it hard to get hold of them in a useful format

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Instead of asking why we love to give away my house designs, a better question might be why do other building companies refuse to part with their plans to prospective new home buyers?

It is obvious that major market participants have conditioned the Market to treat the intellectual property of Building Businesses as if they were the artistic output of a Lennon & McCartney album. It is nothing of the kind. Usually the are the accumulated product of multiple design effort on Behalf of past clients. useful only insomuch they can be utilized to benefit other potential clients.

Pick up any average house plan and you'll find that it is constructed on something fairly basic. A familiar layout, tweaked and molded into something quite unique. These are the building blocks upon which further plan development can occur. These past efforts serve as a smorgasbord from which to choose elements for your very own masterpiece. That is not stealing, that is inspiration.

Nevertheless, we need to keep in mind that not every Tom, Dick or Harry can produce nice house plans, so they are worth something.

Why then make them available as 'Free House Plans', and not 'Cheap House Plans'? It's not all that complicated if you carefully consider what is the actual 'value' of a set of house plans.

What is gained by possessing the use of the plan, and what is lost if the plan is in fact 'given away' as a Free House Plan?

It's obvious someone had to do the original work, so who paid them, and why? Once any builder has finished a few projects, he usually retains ownership of the plans from such projects.

Even in the rare instance where a home was designed, but the project did not proceed, the compensation is usually adequate in the averages. Whatever the circumstances, you can be reasonably sure the genius that drew it was compensated.

Another argument builders use is about the uniqueness of their designs, yet you will recognize common features in all these "unique" creations. The important thing to remember is, even though we give you free use of our plans, we actually don't lose ownership of them. No matter how many times we 'give' them away, they remain our property and are still in our possession, safely tucked away on website website. Giving away house plans, in effect ideas, doesn't cost anything at all.

Quite the opposite. Our business would suffer if we took away one of it's most popular free services. House plans can be used in two ways: as a producer and as a user. You're a user - you are intending to use a house plan to create your new home. You are looking for features you like, and space usage that suits your needs and desires.

You're searching for information, and copyright restrictions on the free use of House plans are restricting your options. Building companies should be judged on much more important factors like quality of workmanship and ability to deliver on time, rather than how big their house plan scrap book is.

We want to help you access all the truly important information about a range of builders so you end up with the best new home solution possible. It's vital for us that you find the best design available for your land and budget, to get the best value home, built by the best quality builder. We are confident that we are the best placed service to provide that outcome, so we welcome competition on an apple to apple basis. Hence our willingness to make our free house plans available to you.

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