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Finding the right house plan can be like finding a needle in a haystack

You search through project home design catalogues, until you find something close to what you want. You trudge off to the display home to see what you probably won’t be getting … It’s all decked out in an artful deception that costs well beyond what most people would consider spending.

  • Find the house plan that is perfect for you, or we will create one for you from scratch.. For free
  • Can design and modify any plan to suit any block, no matter how difficult.
  • No more leap of faith, all cost is estimated up front with an honest price tag.
  • It doesn't have to cost an arm or a leg with our Free custom home design service


  • Low Cost Concept Design

    • Concept Designs
    • CostPlanning
    • Construction Plans
    • Interior/Exterior Visualisations
    • Project Specification
  • Cost-Plan Budget Control

    • Preliminary Project Co-ordination
    • Surveys
    • Engineers
    • Selections
    • Detailed Competitive Quotes
  • Construction & Project Management

    • Buider Liason
    • Procuremet
    • Colours
    • Kitchens
    • Interior Design
  • Completion & Final Handover

    • Contract Management
    • Budget Control
    • Document Management

Why You Need a Concept Design?

Finding the right home, when you have a building site that is outside the “norm”, can be frustrating

Unless you have a flat, reasonably sized rectangular building site, you seem to only attract negative, sad news.
1. Site costs will hurt
2. Amending the ‘standard’ plan to suit is too difficult.
3. You need astronomically priced retaining walls.
4. The driveway is too steep … and on and on.

So, you must take a leap in the dark, and spend money just to find out what your options are.

After you pay your preliminary deposit, you find you are locked into a process that manipulates you into into investing even more of your precious time and money into a situation that has building costs escalating. You lose control and could have to start all over again.

It doesn't have to cost an arm & a leg

Having a home that is uniquely yours, and perfectly suited for your block, doesn’t need to cost an arm & a leg.

Our Simple Low Cost Custom Home Design/Build Service Makes It Easy to Get What You Want and Need quickly and Easily.

There is no great financial risk,no wasted time, and you choose the builder that is right for you.

Design with you in mind. Creative solutions to fit any budget. Exclusively yours, and irresistibly priced.


Let's Talk About Your Proposed Home
Mark Reardon - Capalaba

"We wanted to undertake a Dual Occupancy DA on a hard site.  Six builders turned us down. ... until Building Buddy who provided free house plans ... and we eventually had our DA ... we are extremely happy with the outcome and have no hesitation in recommending Building Buddy"

Mark Reardon - Capalaba
Adrienne Weber - Redcliffe

"It was the personal attention we got from Building Buddy that made us choose to go with them ...  We always found the service very professional, informative, attentive and friendly, and we love our home design. We have no hesitation in recommending Building Buddy to anyone."

Adrienne Weber - Redcliffe
Clyde Hind - Northgate

"We began, by spending week-ends touring around display homes.  It was obvious that these sales people had little training or qualification…. Building Buddy quickly provided us with conceptional drawings, ... and came up with what we wanted exactly."

Clyde Hind - Northgate

The easy way to find the perfect home design

If you are searching for the right home design you have a few options

  1. Use a Home designer or an architect
    • Costs Money up front and you have to commit to ongoing charges
    • No Guarantee you would like the plan
    • It could cost more to build than you are willing to spend.
  2. Find a standard plan that will work
    • Builders plans are copyrighted
    • You have to find the right plan that will work and fit on your block, for the right price, with the right builder.
    • The stars must align for that to happen; so you settle for less than you want.
  3. You work with us
    • An easy, comprehensive Custom Home Design and Build service.
    • Easy Low upfront fees no ongoing fees. A Step by Step Process.
    • Gives you flexibility and control - you get exactly what you want
Let's Talk About Your Proposed Home


How does this all work?

We provide an initial custom home design sketch solution that is a low-cost alternative to an architecturally designed home. We are then able to properly and accurately estimate building costs. This is a professional service using the platform developed by us over the past decade. It produces better home design build outcomes than any similar service offered in the market today. Give it a test drive today, you have nothing to lose.

What if I don't go ahead?

If you don;t go ahead, then it is probable you won't be using our design and there will be no additional charges.

What about your 'standard plans'

You can select one of our existing designs found on this site. It is always better to draw a home specifically for a site. Using design ideas from an existing plan, in whole or part, can often be an easy way to find what you like.

We will gladly modify one of our standard plans if you like.

Please read our terms & conditions, for further guidance.

Yes, we will happily give form to your plan ideas provide working drawings.

Will you provide costs for the homes you design for us?

Our service is integrated with build-cost estimates. It is important to know, what your home will cost to build. It is design process we call cost-planning. It is the easiest way we can eliminate wasting money and effort of expensive custom home design.

How much will this cost?

There is a small charge for our preliminary concept design work which is conservatively valued at $2,000, depending on the style of design. Along with build-cost estimates, these concept plans allow you the flexibility to better plan for a favorable home design and build outcome. You are then able to make an informed decision to move forward or not. From time-to-time we provide an incentive special in specific geographic areas.

Can I pay you for your design?

Yes you can pay for the design and own the right to build it.

We also get paid by our affiliated builders to provide these designs as a promotional service to their prospective customers. We also get paid by our builders to provide plan, estimation, marketing and other admin work on our platform.

If you would like more control, and to be free to shop the design around, we provide a cut-price drafting service. You still benefit from our design expertise. The fee for construction plans are

  • Single Storey- $1,750 GST Inclusive
  • Two Storey- $2,200 GST Inclusive
  • Split Level or more complicated plans- POA

A 20% deposit is required prior to any drafting work starting

* All drafting prices are subject to review prior to work commencing

Can I use these plans as part of the DA process?

A small additional charge will apply if you want want to lodge prelim concept plans as part of a Development Approval (DA Plans).

Don’t operate in the dark.

Talk to Us about a low cost option to get A Custom Home Design & Build Solution.

It's Quick, Free & Easy, and will save you time, money & Effort.

Your phone number will be used only to contact you and will be kept completely private.