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 3 Facts You Need to Know


A detailed study into the Australian home building Industry conducted In a 2012 entitled Profiling Customer Perceived Service Quality Expectations in Made-to-order Housing Construction in Australia P.J Forsythe found there were two basic consumer types

  1. Those that selected a builder only when they demonstrated an ability to provide quality service.
  2. and those that selected a builder even if the ability to provide quality service was absent.

Incredibly, the 2nd group was by far the larger.

A follow up study 'Monitoring Customer Perceived Service Quality and Satisfaction during the Construction Process', Allowed Forsythe to drill down and reveal:


When service quality was present, i.e. the first group, there were noticeable common characteristics in the examples:

  • They were site-specific home designs.
  • The owners were looking for a one-off design and construction strategy.
  • They selected a contractor based on past service performance record and/or
  • They selected a contractor based on positive experiences while liaising with them in lead-up to signing contracts.

Site specific design outcomes went hand-in-hand with higher service quality. Project homes, on the other hand; seemed to assume that service quality was redundant.


Yet the study also finds that customers in the building market are particularly sensitive to service quality because of their high degree of involvement in observing the process.

Unlike other manufacturing processes that are not performed in the customer’s presence, homes are built with the direct involvement of the customer. This makes them more likely to become disgruntled by a lack of service quality.

New home customers can therefore be both very satisfied, and very dissatisfied with the process at any one time; depending on the ratio of positive/negative incidents that have occurred and what stage the home is at.

The study found that while most people are reasonably happy at completion stage, the less reliance on quality service through the process, the more disgruntled the customer at completion.

Let's take another look at this

  • Most people select a builder despite a demonstrable inability to provide a quality service.
  • There is a strong connection between customer dissatisfaction and the lack of quality service.
  • Many people choose a builder simply because they have a home design ready to go, and that this seemingly negates the requirement for an ability to service the customer.
  • The entire project home industry is founded on the principle of one-size-fits-all; which essentially is an inability to service the needs of an individual customer.
  • At Building Buddy we specialize in providing a fully integrated, service based Custom Design & Build System.

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