Lowset Home Designs

Find a perfectly designed home, exclusively yours, and irresistibly priced.

  • Find a Design or create a custom design from scratch

  • Get a Preliminary Price Estimate and figure out its feasibility

  • Modify the plan to suit desires & budgets

It used to be that custom home design was a very expensive option because of the upfront fees and cost involved. Engineering, working drawings, construction plans, all had to be completed before you had any idea what the home would cost to build.

Now technology has made it easy to produce a very simple prelim sketch with all the basic design elements.

Contact us now to find out how to take control of your Home Building Project.

Sherwood, Lowset House Plan

Width 12.99M   Area   236.46M²

Nightjar, Lowset House Plan

Width 15.83M   Area   282.09M²

Blackwood Lowset

Width 17.42M   Area   242.30M²

Ghost Gum, Lowset House Plan

Width 13.13M   Area   220.65M²

Width 10.44M   Area   245.9M²

Retreat Lowset, Lowset House Plan

Width 35.91M   Area   443.50M²

Width 15.6M   Area   190.75M²

Tulipwood, Lowset House Plan

Width 13.17M   Area   192.10M²

Width 11.55M   Area   176.35M²

Sparrowhawk Lowset

Width 14.50M   Area   248.70M²

Bronzewing Lowset

Width 19.49M   Area   259.52M²

Chisholm, Lowset House Plan

Width 11.55M   Area   196.35M²

Crows Ash, Lowset House Plan

Width 8.05M   Area   203.7M²

Width 14.2M   Area   159.8M²

Width 17M   Area   286.70M²

Width 11.43M   Area   119.5M²

Royal Palm, Lowset House Plan

Width 25.21M   Area   283.8M²

Width 13.17M   Area   192.1M²

Wagtail Lowset

Width 10.75M   Area   207.50M²

Budgerigar, Lowset House Plan

Width  8.86M   Area   208.01M²

Sassafras, Lowset House Plan

Width 13.50M   Area   222.20M²

Width 15.8M   Area   291.4M²

Width 19.07M   Area   231.1M²

Width 21.76M   Area   352.95M²

Width 15.94M   Area   144.55M²

Width 14.49M   Area   279M²

Width 13M   Area   245.75M²

Ultimate, Lowset House Plan

Width 15.66M   Area   179.80M²

Willie Wagtail Lowset

Width 10.80M   Area   159.51M²

Poplar, Lowset House Plan

Width 11.48M   Area   146.70M²

Width 16.01M   Area   242.3M²

Douglas, Lowset House Plan

Width 8.85M   Area   176.10M²

Width 26.58M   Area   354.80M²

Cadagii, Lowset House Plan

Width 11.48M   Area   146.70M²

Width 26.32M   Area   391.1M²

Begin Your Lowset Home Design Journey With our Special House Design and Cost Planning package.

Even Our 'Standard' Lowset House Plans Are Customised

We all need a place to start. The beginning can come from an inspiring street appeal, or an elegant internal layout.

A single design element can encourage the composition of that perfect home. Or, an entire home layout can be distilled into a single theme that gives birth to a brand new creation.

Building a Custom Designed Home is not expensive or complicated. All it may take is a hint, a nudge, a guiding hand ...