Lowset House Plans

Find a perfectly designed home, exclusively yours, and irresistibly priced.

It used to be that custom home design was a very expensive option because of the upfront fees and cost involved. Engineering, working drawings, construction plans, all had to be completed before you had any idea what the home would cost to build.

Now technology has made it easy to produce a very simple prelim sketch with all the basic design elements.

This is enough for us to provide an accurate cost to build before you spend any more money.

We now offer our Custom design & Build Pack to approved customers for only $199-

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Quality Customised Solutions for your Building Project

What you get:

  1. Customised Site plan
  2. Individually designed floorplan
  3. Elevations
  4. Build Price Estimate
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Isn’t it your goal to find a perfectly designed home, exclusively yours, and irresistibly priced, with a builder selected on the basis of reputation, customer referral and competence?

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Your phone number will be used only to contact you and will be kept completely private.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our willingness to spend Time, Money and Effort upfront on your project is our bond

Grab this opportunity and let us help you:

  • GET an affordable design and preliminary cost to develop a feasible strategy.
  • Do a Complementary Onsite Design Consultation
  • Produce Scaled Floorplans
  • And Detailed Elevations
  • Including Rendered Colour Facade Perspectives
  • That Incorporates Building Cost Estimates that include YOUR Preferred selections & Specifications
  • Tweak & Modify Design & Building Costs - as much as you need.
  • And have Open Access to Scaled Drawings and 3D Models

Begin Your Lowset Home Design Journey With our Special House Design and Cost Planning package.

Even Our 'Standard' Lowset House Plans Are Customised

We all need a place to start. The beginning can come from an inspiring street appeal, or an elegant internal layout.

A single design element can encourage the composition of that perfect home. Or, an entire home layout can be distilled into a single theme that gives birth to a brand new creation.

Building a Custom Designed Home is not expensive or complicated. All it may take is a hint, a nudge, a guiding hand ...

Trying To Balance Home Design, Lot Shape, and Budget?

Use One Of Our Custom Lowset House Plans.

Our Custom designed Lowset House Plans Makes Sense On So Many Levels

It is a general belief that good home design is product of thinking "outside the box". Nothing could be further from the truth.

All great art: Haikus, Sonatas, Religious Paintings ... are created despite restrictions ... size, medium, resources.

Your dream home can become an ungly duckling if you don't bring balance to bear. Work within the constraints of your land, budget, and use consistent design principles.

Let us show you how!

More Control of Your Budget, Not Less

Because we do the design work for you, your plan is prepared independent of any builder. While it is true that we have a trusted panel of builders; you are not obligated to use any of them.

We use the builders we have because they have a proven track record of providing value, quality and service to our customers. They give us what we are looking for - Satisfied New Homeowners

This means that you can control the costs of your home, and are not hostage to a "process" that is characterised by constantly increasing prices while you are building. We insist on fixed priced contracts. In the unlikely event that prices go up during the preliminary process, we will help you migrate your project to any builder you choose.

It is hard  get a more control than that.

We Take Care Of The Hard Part .

Our focus at Building Buddy is to bring a speedy and simplified approach to achieving your dream home. We do this by listening to you, and providing cost effective, visually detailed home design options. These are seamlessly integrated into accurate building price estimates prepared by builders who are experienced at working with Small Lot House Plans But that is only the beginning.

Track Your Cost as You Design

You never have to worry about any unforeseen ‘extras’, because the project is being fully and continuously priced from the start. Your home is designed exactly to fit budget, and tailored to give you more for your money. Our task is to make sure you get real luxury at everyday prices, save you time and money, and stretch your budget further. Why pay more if you don’t have to?

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  • Tailor your inclusions, based on your individual needs, and create a simple ‘wish list’
  • We will use that information and integrate it into our home design/build process.
  • Browsing through our Small Lot House Plans lets you take control of your creative vision, infusing it with your personal stamp.
  • If you don’t see it, ask. We can probably do it for you.
  • Our goal is to create a Home that is designed exclusively for you, and is irresistibly priced.
  • You should therefore be intimately involved in the entire process – from concept … to completion

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Your phone number will be used only to contact you and will be kept completely private.