Highset Home Designs

Find a perfectly designed home, exclusively yours, and irresistibly priced.

  • Find a Design or create a custom design from scratch

  • Get a Preliminary Price Estimate and figure out its feasibility

  • Modify the plan to suit desires & budgets

It used to be that custom home design was a very expensive option because of the upfront fees and cost involved. Engineering, working drawings, construction plans, all had to be completed before you had any idea what the home would cost to build.

Now technology has made it easy to produce a very simple prelim sketch with all the basic design elements.

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Blue Gum, Highset House Plan

Width  12.8M   Area   361.24M²

Width  12.85M   Area   305.35M²

Width  14.95M   Area   207.20M²

Rosella, Highset House Plan

Width  11.41M   Area   464.19M²

Width  12.30M   Area   319.00M²

Width  9.80M   Area   286.43M²

Width  14.77M   Area   220.05M²

Bird Lime, Highset House Plan

Width  17.32M   Area   319.20M²

Width  14.09M   Area   393.47M²

Width  33.98M   Area   741.30M²

Width  16.63M   Area   394.75M²

Highset House Plans - Create Your Own - The Way You Want It

Balanced Highset House Plans to Suit Smaller Block Sizes

As our Lot Sizes Shrink, the demand for a stylish, perfect fit home grows. we are no longer satisfied with huge monoliths designed to maximise the yield per square metre. We now expect our home layouts to be perfectly proportioned blueprints that become the basis for the lifestyle we want to enjoy. Balanced Life - Balanced Home. We are proud to present to you the result of some of our effort to provide just that for our clients in the recent past. All of them strive to provide more bang for the buck per square metre. We do know that if we focus on the style, the value automatically takes care of itself.

Highset House Plans That Really Work.

We have and very big collection that we have selected from our files. This Home design collection is made up of a variety of design styles  and consists of 20 different Highset house Plans. The various facade styles can be cross-applied to any of the floorplans. In that sense they are stylistic rather than plan specific. So, it is possible to transfer a facade style, to another layout.

Perusing house plans focuses the mind and serves to clarify design features you like and aspire to in your own home. The more focused you are, the more ready you will be to take control of your creative vision, and  to make your dreams come true.

In this collection you will find:

  • Home Designs with the focus of rear living – for canal block or facing a particular view or aspect.
  • Designs with the main Living Upstairs – with Decks to front or rear.
  • Wider Highset House plans that also can suit the smaller lot sizes.
  • and Much … Much … More …