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The Building Secret: Part 3


How to get the Best Quality For Your New Home

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— By Joh Domingo, Building Buddy

WHAT EXACTLY do we mean when we say we’ll help you get the Best Quality in your new home?

Our definition of “best quality” covers everything from the best inclusions to the best quality building materials.

Inclusions Quality

Inclusions are the things that come with the house. The things that go in the house. Things like carpet and tiles, light fittings, oven, curtains and also things like cupboards, door handles, taps and light switches.

All these are your personal choice.

They come under the heading “your inclusions” which Complete Solution Designer/Builders like Building Buddy source for you at the best quality-for-price available.

REMEMBER: Inclusions by themselves will not make up for poor design and poor quality workmanship. At best it’s tarting up a bad situation, like putting lipstick on a pig.[/text_block]

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Building Finish Quality

Building finish quality revolves around the ‘finish’ of the product.

People get confused when they talk about quality – they very often confuse work-finish quality quality with the quality of the inclusions, like ceramic versus plastic, or laminated benchtops versus polished granite.

The finish quality of a home is more accurately judged the workmanship.

When we talk about workmanship, we’re not talking about jobs just completed to a minimum standard.

We’re talking about jobs completed with a fine sense of love. You know

  • You can cover a wall by slapping a coat of paint on it, or you can paint a wall properly.
  • You can paint a door good enough to get away with it, or you can paint a door properly.
  • You can fix architraves so they’ll do, or you can fix architraves properly.

And that’s really what we’re talking about.

When we talk about competent workmanship, we’re talking about a blend of fine craftsmanship and completing the job in good time.

Craftsmen like this are able to work at a pace that’s economically viable but at the same time produce a high-quality finish to their work.

Their cuts are fine, their mitres are first-rate, their paint work is back-rolled properly, they use the correct number of coats…for example they use two coats of gloss and finish off with a coat of satin on a door finish.

The quality is quite noticeable if you know what to look for.

This is the type of quality we are talking about when we refer to the quality in your new home to be built.

The best new home builders should be able to achieve an exceptional finish even if the new home inclusions are fairly basic.

Varying Costs for Various Building Options

As you work through your inclusions it is now time to get an estimate to gauge how how their prices will affect the cost of your new home.

Ideally, you’re with a Complete Solution Designer/Builder like Building Buddy and you already have your new house plans done, along with your cost estimate so far

By working with ballpark figures, you will begin to have a basic understanding of the costs and can broadly begin to monitor the effect selection of the various inclusion options have on those costs.

Now you’re clear about what it takes to have the best quality for your new home, let’s take a look at how to get the Best Price.