The Building Secret: Part 4

How to get the Best Price to Build Your New Home

— By Joh Domingo, Building Buddy

WHEN WE talk about getting the best price for building your new home, we’re actually talking best value, not cheapest price.

Cheapest price for a new home could (and most often does) mean you lose quality to save money. No-one likes the idea of doing that.

What then constitutes good value when Building Your New Home?

I define it as ‘obtaining the best possible product, with the best possible service, for the lowest possible cost, in the shortest possible time’.

To achieve this, we need to have a dedicated costing and building estimating program that can get quotes and also place orders. Once the job is underway, the program then needs to be able to monitor the progress of the job.

This describes CostPlan, a one-off, unique state-of-the-art program we developed here at Building Buddy.

Programs like CostPlan actually calculate in real time what the total cost will be for your home as you make modifications until you’ve found the perfect match for your dream home.

Costplan costs a new home using the same method and processes that Quantity Surveyors do - and this is the best, most accurate way for you to get an estimate on the cost of your new home.

For example, recently a new home customer asked to reduce the size of her lounge room, thus saving a metre of floor space and increasing the size of her outdoor dining area.

As soon as the changes were made to her concept plan, the total cost estimate of her new home changed.

She’s gained a larger alfresco outdoor dining area, and saved $18,500 in the bargain!

Now you're clear about what it takes to have the best quality for your new home, let's take a look at how to get the Best Builder.