Concept Plans &  Pricing

We are a Professional Home Design and Project Management team that will work with you to create your perfect home.

We have been doing this for 27 years, are completely flexible, and have in-depth knowledge regarding

  • Demolish and rebuild
  • Sloping or difficult sites
  • Unique acreage Living
  • Small Lot Homes for Splitter Blocks
  • Dual Occupancy
  • Cost-effective, Unique and Unusual Homes

Our in-house Complement of Construction Specialist including; Home Designers, Drafts people, Estimators, Structural Engineers, Licensed Builders, and 3D Visualisation experts.

Working with independent Surveyors, Building Certifiers and Interior Designers, we are able to make your home building experience an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding one.

Our service begins with a no-obligation, low-cost preliminary custom home design.

We show you what you will get, and how much it will cost, before you need to make the decision to proceed with our comprehensive service from Concept through Costings, Construction and Completion.

You can go part of the way, or all the way … you choose.