Most builders struggle to close sales leads because ...

  • They Lack the Time

    Builders have to wear many hats in their business and it is hard to allocate time to generating sales leads. They even struggle to service referral customers.

  • The Customer is Not yet Ready

    Homes not built on the spur of the moment. lead times of several months are not unusual. Sorting through the sales leads and servicing them over an extended period of time is a challenge.

  • The project is difficult to expedite

    Every project has obstacles that need to be overcome to get it ready for construction. Often these obstacles require knowledge, perseverance & determination to keep the project on track. 

Is this you? Are you a great builder, who would love the chance to focus on your strong suits - Getting the job done on-site.

Simple and effective.

  • Help them find the right home design

  • Guide them with build cost estimates along the way

  • Work with them to fine-tune the detail & do a deal

The Building Buddy Design & Build Platform

A ready-to-go sales process that saves you time & grows your business

  • Professionally manage and service your leads in-house; give your customers what they need
  • With over 30 years of construction sales experience, we work for you.
  • Under your guidance, we prepare sales cost estimates, obtain trade quotes, & keep the sales process on track.
  • We organise the pre-construction activities; arrange surveys & engineering, and prepare the construction plans.
  • Help generate the contract documentation and get it signed by the client.
  • Help prepare Job schedules and cash flow projections so you don’t run out of cash
  • Cost-plan the project to completion- which means we help you complete the project to budget.

Do it yourself or choose from a menu of support services

Preliminary Design & Pricing +
  • Preliminary sketch plans - Branded to help your customers get the home design they want - exactly!
  • Sales estimates gives them some certainty - more than a wild guess.
  • Design cost planning - Fine-tuning the design to ensure the project stays on budget
  • Website content - Create brochures of your work you can use as examples on your website
  • Stay in control - give your customers the service they want.
Prelim Contract Processing +
  • Working Drawings - Construction Plans - Prepared and sync'ed to the scope of works
  • Planning Approvals coordinated - No delays to construction commencing
  • Surveys, Engineering Design and consultants arranged
  • Trade and supplier quotes obtained so you can confidently lock in prices
  • Professional detailed specifications derived directly from the construction estimate.
  • Fixtures, Finshes and colour selections all coordinated and completed
Pre-Construction +
  • All Certification Applications managed
  • Construction Estimates, schedules, orders, call-ups
  • Last minute project modifications processed and sync'd with the system.
  • Project Cash-Flow Projections prepared
  • Construction processes and documentation sync'd; Approved Plans, Foundation and Structural Engineering, Quotes and Trade Packages. Orders and Selections
  • Budgets and documentation work in with your system.
Construction +
  • Project enters the Virtual Project Management Office (VPMO) Stage
  • Project Plan activated - Scheduling Gant Charts - To Do Lists - Call Forward Sheets
  • Cost Control mechanisms activated. Budgets, Earned Value Management reports, Cash Flow Projections and Invoices all tracked and controlled
  • Variations and Project accounts managed and controlled. Progress Claims. Payments and Variations a keystroke away
  • Prepare project schedules, and feed into the cash flow projections
  • Evaluate the project performance as you go the integrated cost-planning tools.
  • Instant, easy access back-office project management for the Custom Home Design & Build professional.
Integrated Custom Home Design & Build Marketing +
  • Give your customers the home design they are looking for
  • Let them understand the true cost to build their home
  • Clearly list the inclusions and scope of work
  • Help them be confident you can deliver the home of their dreams
  • Let them become happily involved with your and your team
  • Make their journey one they will pleasantly remember
  • It is the only way to develop a sustainable profitable building business

Why does it work?

  • Helps your customer get organised

    • Provide the design services they need
    • Prevent customers wasting money on design that blows the budget
    • Keep them abreast of build cost
    • Confidently price the project to give them the best value possible
    • Eliminates stress – you have expert on-demand help


  • Improves your ability to deliver

    • Your competence is demonstrated by your ability to provide timely cost estimations and information
    • Prevent costly delays by controlling pre-construction tasks like – surveys, engineering, drafting and planning
    • Easily prepare accurate contract documentation
    • Professionally control your projects with orders, schedules and cash-flow projections
    • No need to worry about personally handling everything; you can choose to have us do it for you.
  • Great Outcomes!

    We know you can build a great home; but can you be sure your customer will enjoy the experience?

    • Your professional support systems minimises errors and frustration
    • You have an expert team on tap
    • You have access to volume pricing by combining order volume with affiliate builders
    • You are able to easily accommodate any changes your customers want to make along the way
    • Efficient systems, and expert support allow you to more efficiently manage the project to eliminate wasted time

Affiliated Builders

Join these builders as affiliates of Building Buddy and recieve their benefits.


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Sunshine Homes Australia

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What They Say

  • I have been burnt in the past, so I was skeptical. My partners were certain I was falling for the same trick again. My business before Building Buddy is a fraction of what it is now. The sky seems to be the limit.

    Mick Holahan – Canetoad Constructions

  • I wanted to grow the business so that I could give up the tools and concentrate on managing the projects. To do that I needed to multiply my turnover. I am naturally cautious, but I can honestly say that Building Buddy has had my back for almost 4 years now. I would recommend their services if you want to grow your business.

    – Terry Heuser- Cooringa Homes Constructions

Most Builders Get More Inquiry than They Realise

Understanding Why Will help You  Multiply Your Sales

  • They fail to recognize the lead because it initially involves too many tasks they don't feel ready to tackle
  •  Sometimes it is a simple matter of not having the time to address the issues
  • Because the Customer is not ready and still does not have the necessary plan
  • They lack of clear process to help the customer through the preliminary stages of building the home
  • The customer loses confidence even though the builder is probably the perfect builder for their project

Multiply your sales in the next 12 months. Get in Touch to find out how

There are many things you can do to grow your business;

  1. Spend More Time Marketing
  2. Get more Sales
  3. Increase your margin.

But the single most important thing you can do to grow your business is to sell more to your preferred customer type. This can be described as

  1. Nail you Niche - Be a builder who specializes. Find a niche and become an expert in that niche.
  2. Develop a steady stream of Leads
  3. Understand the costs so you can make sure you are mining this niche in a profitable manner. You cannot deliver a proper service to your customers if you don't make money doing so. If your customers don't understand that; find new customers.

Let's deconstruct this for a moment. If you have a minimally functional building business, you would be doing between 1-3 new home projects per year, or several minor renovations per year. let's just call that average.

If you are already doing some work, and have the sense to place prominent signage in front of the project; people in the market for a similar project will notice it. The market tens to work that way. 100's of people may see the project, but only those interested in building a similar home will take notice.