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    By providing professional back-up services, your customers become confident you can deliver on your commitments.

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    Along with other like-minded builders, you can pool your order book to enhance the value you can offer your customers.

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The Building Buddy Design-Build Platform

A Fully integrated Process that Enhances your ability to Deliver Superior Results for Your Customers

Preliminary Design & Pricing +
  • Preliminary Plans - Fully Branded Prelim Plans to help your Customers get the home Design The want - Exactly!
  • Prelim estimates to Help them understand building costs
  • Cost Planning - Fine-tuning the design to ensure the project stays on budget and on-track
  • Brochures - Creating Content you can offer as samples to other prospective customers
  • Moving the process forward by tying up loose ends prior to preparing the Contract Documentation
Prelim Contract Processing +
  • Working Drawings - Preparing full and comprehensive Construction Plans
  • Arranging and Coordinating Town Planning Approvals, Noise reports, Bushfire reports so that there are no hold ups in the construction process.
  • Organizing Surveys, Engineering Design and other Regulatory reports
  • Organising Trade Packages and Quotes so you can be confident about Costs and Pricing
  • Produce a Professional and Detailed Specification so that Both You and the Customer understand the Scope of Works. No Detail is Missed
  • A Fulld and Detailed Briefing on Every Detail of the Project; Budgets, Trade Coverage, construction details. You approve the the project set-up before contract documents are signed
Pre-Construction +
  • Management of; aspect certificates, development Approvals, building certification and any other regulatory requirements that may apply.
  • Colour selections - We finalise Colour Selections so that orders can be processed
  • Variations arising from colour selections, last minute modifications processed
  • System synchronization; variations/Plans/spec/selections so that accurate orders can be produced
  • On-Site Building Budgets Produced
  • Project Schedule Created in Liaison with the Builder
  • Project Cash-Flow Projections prepared
  • Physical Construction File Prepared Containing; Approved Plans, Foundation and Structural Engineering Data, Quotes and Trade Packages. Orders and Selections, Building Approval Documentation
Construction +
  • Project enters the Virtual Project Management Office (VPMO) Stage
  • Project Plan activated - Scheduling Gant Charts - To Do Lists - Call Forward Sheets
  • Cost Control mechanisms activated. Budgets, Earned Value Management reports, Cash Flow Projections and Invoices are tracked and controlled
  • Variations and Project accounts managed and controlled. Progress Claims. Payments and Variations are all integrated to produce comprehensive reports
  • Project schedule created in liaison with the builder
  • Project Cash-Flow Projections prepared
  • A Job Report produced detailing the various KPI's; Profit, Budget Control and cost analysis.
Cycle Marketing +
  • The prelim design allows you to accumulate design content
  • The design brief provides you with material to blog about on your website
  • This content can then be shared on social media to generate traffic to your website
  • You can then tell the stories of the project construction which in turn can be shared on social media.
  • Your customers journey can then be documented, and an informal testimonial created
  • Which in turn can be used to generate traffic via social media
  • This content becomes the basis of your ongoing marketing strategy

Affiliated Builders

Join these builders as affiliates of Building Buddy and recieve their benefits.


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What They Say

  • I have been burnt in the past, so I was skeptical. My partners were certain I was falling for the same trick again. My business before Building Buddy is a fraction of what it is now. The sky seems to be the limit.

    Mick Holahan – Canetoad Constructions

  • I wanted to grow the business so that I could give up the tools and concentrate on managing the projects. To do that I needed to multiply my turnover. I am naturally cautious, but I can honestly say that Building Buddy has had my back for almost 4 years now. I would recommend their services if you want to grow your business.

    – Terry Heuser- Cooringa Homes Constructions

Most Builders Get More Inquiry than They Realise

Understanding Why Will help You  Multiply Your Sales

  • They fail to recognize the possibility of a new project because it involves too many obstacles they don't feel ready to tackle
  •  They May be unable to tackle these issues because of time constraints
  • Because the Customer does not have all the relevant information for the project ready. Sometimes they don't even have a design

We know you can manage the sales you are making. We know you can do all the necessary work yourself. We also know you cannot grow your business beyond the ceiling imposed by your lack of time and resources.

Leverage your skills and multiply your sales in the next 12 months. Get in Touch now to find out how

There are many things you can do to grow your business;

  1. Spend More Time Marketing
  2. Get more Sales
  3. Increase your margin.

But the single most important thing you can do to grow your business is to sell more to your preferred customer type. This can be described as

  1. Nail you Niche - Be a builder who specializes. Find a niche and become an expert in that niche.
  2. Develop a steady stream of Leads
  3. Understand the costs so you can make sure you are mining this niche in a profitable manner. You cannot deliver a proper service to your customers if you don't make money doing so. If your customers don't understand that; find new customers.

Let's deconstruct this for a moment. If you have a minimally functional building business, you would be doing between 1-3 new home projects per year, or several minor renovations per year. let's just call that average.

If you are already doing some work, and have the sense to place prominent signage in front of the project; people in the market for a similar project will notice it. The market tens to work that way. 100's of people may see the project, but only those interested in building a similar home will take notice.