Building a House Cost Analysis

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When you are building a house cost analysis is crucial.

Achieving an accurate price for building your new home is easy and it’s quick.

Thanks to modern computer technology, pricing the plan for your house is simple, so now you can get a really good idea of building a house cost you may incur for the house you’re planning.

This way, you have a very clear idea of your budget before you finalise your house design.


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An Integrated Process

This will let you to adjust and modify your home plans and your costs can be updated constantly as you develop your design. The days of wasting time while you’re spending a small fortune on plans that you can’t afford to build, are long gone.

Once upon a time it was complex to work out the cost of building a home. People had a budget, but they also had ideas. It used to be hard for people to match their budget with the ideas and the things they wanted in their new home.

Cost Per SqM - A Quick Estimate

One of the ways building designers used to overcome this problem was to price a home by its Building Costs per Square Metre. They used this method to help couples building their new home to arrive at a “ball-park” figure.

This is a legitimate method of working out building costs, but it’s not very accurate. It is subject to wild variations because of the many specialised options that are available. It is often these upgrades and extra options that blow the budget out for your new home.

When you use our free Building a House Cost Analysis, you get constant and accurate cost updates from beginning to end. Its easy to get a balance between space, style and quality. You can’t do this using the building cost per square metre method. It is much less reliable.


Building costs per square metre, per kilogram, or per design feature?

Because there is such a wide variety of options available in building your new home, the building industry has attempted to standardise all the options available.

At the same time, individual building companies have a marketing need to differentiate themselves from the competition.

This results in an absolute mess as people simply become confused as they wander from builder to builder.

One builder offers free upgrades and another says certain things are standard. But in reality both builders are saying the same thing.

Is The Free Stuff Free?

But we all know in building a house, nothing is truly free. Any honest building a house cost estimate should reveal the true costs of everything, regardless of claims about free upgrades, free offers or discounts.


Pay For What You Want - It's Cheaper

At Building Buddy we take the time to clearly and honestly explain to you what each builder is saying.

You will find out the true value of the free stuff , or the discounts. Our Building a House Cost Analysis system gives you the resources to keep fully informed about the likely best-value, and true cost of your home, no matter what changes you make along the way.

Remember, if you are actually paying for the stuff they tell you is free, then make sure you really wanted it in the first place?

Or would you have preferred to have been told about a suitable alternative?

Our complimentary Building a House Cost Analysis services will help you work out your preferences, find out what they’ll cost, and then you can choose what you really want. You then don’t need to worry about people’s offers, because you already know you’re getting the best price for the home you really want.