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Over the past decade Building Buddy has helped hundreds of owners build customized homes that were exclusively theirs yet irresistibly priced.

Industry Know-how have made it possible for us to provide you with a free custom home design, which when combined with a unique process we 'cost-planning', produces a winning combination of meticulously crafted homes at no-nonsense prices.

& Irresistibly Priced

Our cost-planning design tool makes the job a breeze.

We are passionate about making your dream a reality. Save time frustration and money by contacting us now.

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Do You know What You want But Can't Find It?

  • Don't Want To Pay For a Custom Home Design Before You Know How Much It Would Cost To Build?
  • Does Your Builder Lack The Resources & Skill To Provide You With The Custom Home Design Services You Need?
  • Is Anybody Paying Any Attention To What You really Want In Your New Home?
  • Spending Money Doing A Custom Home Design Can Be Wasted If It Costs Too Much To Build!
  • Even If Your Buidler wants To Help, They Are Often Unskilled In Home Design & You Can End Up With A Second Rate Result!
  • You Need Access To Quick & Accurate Build Costs To Make The Right Home Design Choice!