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A New Way

The Housing Industry is striving to come to terms with rapidly evolving consumer expectations. These Changes are creating demand for Custom Home Builders, and they now need to provide their potential customers with essential Home Design Services and detailed information on house building costs, and Inclusions.

Customers require, and are demanding:

The first place you need to start with should ALWAYS be the land.

Its all very well to look at some standard designs of House Builders, a Price List, and a list of standard Inclusions in an attempt to obtain a feel for costs; but you will not get anything truly worthwhile, until you decide where it is you are going to build.

Once you have selected a location and specific lot, you will get a feel for the basic attributes of the block: the orientation in relation to the prevailing breezes, the topography, and the general outlook. These elements will dictate the preferred layout of the home on the block – there are no exceptions.

The style, size and scope of the home may vary, but a good home complements the features of the land, and works with its attributes. House designs are only simple and logical arrangements of rooms and living spaces on the available land. It’s not rocket science, nor is it as demanding as creating a work of art, or a piece of fine music

Myth: Standard plans mean lower costs

Another straightjacket we need to remove is the idea that standard plans are the route to better design outcomes and lower costs. Standard Plans were introduced as a tool to make things easier for Home Buyers in an era when originating design presentation was a complex and time-consuming task.

This is no longer the case; instead they are now used as a tool to restrict the options of Home Buyers. House Builders often imply that standard design means that costs are minimised. More often the idea is that you will fall in love with a design, and by default build with the least likely Builder.

Standard designs are also used because House Building Sales Consultants are not good enough to quote on designs that deviate from the standard.

The unfortunate result is that many people are living in unsatisfactory house designs because that was the best their builder and their Sales staff could manage.

You deserve better.  Would you use a House Builder that employed incompetent carpenters? Why then use a House Builder that insists you use “Standard Designs” because they employed incompetent Sales Staff?

Remember, our goal is to find the Best Home Design, the Best Quality, for the Best Price, with the Best House Builder. So it’s logical that the first step to finding the best House Builder is to ensure you have the right House Design

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How Custom Home Design Benefits Everyone

A well-oiled business model allows the builder to partner with you to drive costs down. While competition between a limited numbers of builders can produce savings, these saving always come at the expense of builder margins. Builders without this strong pre-sales flexibility can cut little else other than their margins.

However, because there are hundreds of component product that go into the construction of a home, implementing systematic multiple round supply & install quoting, produces better savings.

Several builders working in tandem increase these savings exponentially, and are able to take on the larger suppliers who traditionally only provide volume discounts to the larger building companies.

You benefit because your participation, even if the service is provided to you FREE,  contributes significantly to the Builders ability to provide great prices to their clients. You deserve nothing less.

Save time, frustration and money.