Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How does this all work?

We provide a risk-free solution to the custom home design process that is a low cost alternative to an architect’s professional service. As professional home designers we reliably outcomes than the unqualified new home salespeople you are likely to encounter otherwise.

How much will this cost?

There is no charge for our preliminary design Services. By providing this free preliminary custom home design service, we assume the risk associated with personalised home design. The scaled and dimensioned drawings produced are suitable for accurate build-cost estimation. You get the information you need to evaluate whether we will deliver the outcome you want.

What if I don't go ahead?

If you don’t go ahead, then you won’t be using our design and there will be no charge.

Can I pay you for your design?

Yes, you can.  Provided we do the construction drawings. We also provide a pricing service with full trade coverage should you want it.

Can I use the plans if I don’t use your builder?

Yes, see the answer provided above. We do however provide a seamless design-build process and work with associated builders as a team for you. Our willingness to invest time and effort, without upfront costs, is a reflection of the confidence we have in our value.

What about your ‘standard plans’?

You can use existing plans and designs found on this site in part or whole, as the basis of your design. The object is to find the home design that suits … Exactly!

Yes, we will happily modify your plans and provide working drawings.

Our service includes standard drafting services. Inquiries are welcome 1800 710 102

Will you provide costs for the homes you design for us?

Yes we will. It is important for you to know, what you will get for your money. Our Builders provide these as a matter of course because it gives them an opportunity to showcase their product and services.

Can I Use these Plans as Part Of the DA Process?

Our service extends to providing plans for the DA process including dealing with requests for information and liaising with Town planners and other professionals.

Do you do Renovations?

Yes, our services include renovations. Renovations are a speciality. The biggest challenge you have when considering a home renovation, is where do you start and where to stop. We solve this dilemma by providing full spectrum home transformation concepts, then work with you to plan a course towards achieving optimum results cost-effectively.