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  • Your Home Exactly The way You Want It

    A free custom home design service helps you create your perfect home design solution. Our professional service is provided by qualified home designers.

  • Build Cost Estimates

    Cost-Planning is an integral part of our design process.  By avoiding costly elements, your home can be built to budget. A small investment in time and energy will pay off when your project works out for you. Work smart.

  • You Select Your Builder

    Our Builders are selected on the basis of their ability to deliver. They are proven performers who provide quality workmanship on time, and on budget. Why settle for the builder because they own a plan?

Your Design Possibilities Are Endless!

We have a Library of hundreds of individual Home Designs that can help you discover design elements that can work for you. The ability to incorporate ideas from thousands of examples online makes custom home design a superior option in every way. Let us help you create one just for you, based on the best you can find.

  • Steep Or Sloping Land?

    Need a Home Design To Suit A Steep or Sloping Block? WE have been drawing and Building Homes For Steep Blocks For 20 Years.

  • Small Lot House Plans

    We have created hundreds of Small Lot House Plans, But we still prefer to create one especially for you; Exactly the way you want it!

  • Unique 2 Storey Homes?

    You can select elements from our standard Highset house plan collection, or become the latest to receive an  individually styled home of your own

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What we do is shaped by the goals we have. To achieve the outcome you want, and to do so within the budget framework you set, is our ultimate goal..

Everything we do is in the service of getting you precisely what you want.

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