Managing a Project Means Making Sure Everything Goes according to Plan.

This would seem self-evident, but the reality is that the vast majority of homes are built on the ‘full steam ahead until we hit a snag’ basis. Progress is add-hock, and very often owners have little idea what they can expect until it somehow turns up on site. The great cover-all is the proverbial ‘standard’ item. Buck passing is the order of the day. We do not assume that any item is a ‘standard’. Everything is detailed and needs to be consciously selected. We go further and ensure each item has trade coverage; we know who is supplying it and what it looks like. To this end the on-site manager is the builder, and we work hand-in-hand with our builders throughout to manage the building process. You are working with a team. Nothing is solely his responsibility and we take a collective interest in everything about the project. Proper project management saves everyone time, heartache and money.