Hand-over is just the beginning

If a perfect analogy for the building process is pregnancy, then the completion is the birth. Congratulations on your new home!! You can look forward to a lifetime of enjoyment. It has been a pleasure for us to guide you to this point, but there are a few… ahem… housekeeping issues to take care of. First on the list is our 100 point handover checklist. To ensure a 5 star finish, each of our customers is provided with a quality control handover inspection report. This inspection is provided by a qualified and competent master builder. You have the option of requesting an independent inspector. You are then provided with a handover certificate from the builder detailing the measures that were taken to rectify defects (if any) that are revealed during the inspection process. Items on the checklist include handover documents, supplier guarantees, certificates, copies of the engineering, working drawings, kitchen details, colour selections and Inspection certificates.