What Are My Building Costs Per Square Metre?

“How much will our new home cost per square metre?” is one of the most common questions asked by people seeking to build their new home.

It is a fair enough question, and although the complexity of cost estimation defies a correct and simple answer, it is deserving of one. Since one of the things houses are usually referred to is by their size, it goes without saying they would want to find out the building costs per square metre to compare their options.

Even though most building consultants and specialists prefer not to use the cost per square metre equation, the reality is that it is commonly used as a yardstick.

We commonly use costs per square metre to keep ourselves within defined parameters when designing homes for our customers.

If you’ve been wondering how your property can be subdivided or developed further, we can help by providing free logistical information and design

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How can you take advantage of the square metre costing method?

Because the price per square metre method is specific to location and time, the easiest way is to give us a quick call.

If you are only looking for a rough guideline as to costs in your area in order to get a rough guide about the feasibility of a project, give us a call on 1800 710 102, we will be glad to tell you what we can. Or, send us a message via the contact form on the right column of this page.

We have a fairly good idea of building costs in the various main cities in Australia and their environs.

Access to an interconnected network of Builders also allows us to provide detailed and timely costs-to-build for owner custom designs.

We are also able to provide elementary advice from any rough sketches you may have.

In the meantime I would like to give a quick rundown of the process involved and the factors that affect your building costs.

How can I achieve the best value on a square metre basis?

Conventional wisdom dictates that the best way to get the best price is to obtain at least three quotes. That is the way we have normally operated, but the market has shifted enormously over the past few months, and we achieve no-nonsense prices by working the process more efficiently.

Design, build cost and builder’s margins all have a direct impact on the price of your home, directly affecting the cost of your new home.

Of the three, build cost is of overriding significance.

Why spend a fortune if you don’t have to?

The following example demonstrates how the build cost (material supply and labour) is magnified up through the pricing process.

  • Build cost $100,000 + 12% builders margin = $112,000 x 10%(GST) = price $123,200
  • Build cost $90 + 12% (Builders margin) = 100.8 x 10% (GST) = 110.88 (10% reduction in cost = 12% reduction in price.)

That is $12,000 for every $100,000,before ‘tweaking’ the builder’s margin, or applying cost-saving measures to the house design.

You can pay more or you can get more.

Our meticulous commitment to detail ensures that while we are dedicated to providing information in a timely fashion, with quick quotes of custom designed owner plans, it is only the beginning, and constant and never ending review processes means unbelievable savings along the way.

The per-square-metre-cost for your new home is available from us, on request

If astounding value is what you are after, contact us for that quick estimate that will set you on the road to owning that home for a fraction of the cost.

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